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  • What is Scoop 'n Dough doing in the face of the SARS-Cov-2 pandemic?
    In these difficult times, we are extremely happy that our products can brighten your day. To this end, we are taking all precautions to make your experience happier and safer in our space. Our establishment complies with all DGS and ASAE standards and guidelines and we are regularly under evaluation by external entities. We have been following the evolution of the situation and adapting to the different phases of the pandemic in Portugal, not only for the good of our community, but also to protect our staff. Although it is not easy, we have always acted zealously and have closed our space during the most critical periods of the pandemic, because we believe that we serve as an example to stimulate the sense of unity and community in Lisbon! From an early age, we limit people's entry into our space. Until we had created the security conditions for entry, the service - although more time consuming - was all done at the door (thanks in advance to everyone who understood our position). At the entrance to the store, there is always a hand hygiene station with disinfectant alcohol. In addition, we created the reservation system on our website in order to minimize your contact with other people and you only have to go to someone from our team to pick up your order. Now that we have entry of people, this is done up to a limit of 4 (although it is difficult to control sometimes) in separate corners. We do not allow couriers from delivery companies to enter unregulated - forcing them to wait until customers leave or someone from the staff manages to deliver the order outside our store. We have created barriers with our products, not only with a distance of 2 meters, but also a physical glass barrier that is cleaned daily. According to DGS standards, all persons over 10 years of age are required to wear a mask before entering our space. There is only the exception of removing the mask during ice cream tastings, and our staff asks to replace the mask when this is not done by the person. To increase consumption safety and hygiene, we continue and reinforce the use of compostable cutlery and plates. On the terrace, we created a corridor dedicated to the queue and limited seating to just one side and up to a maximum of 6 tables, in order to guarantee social distancing of 2 meters.
  • What's your schedule?
    Our opening hours have changed due to the current situation, but you can always check it on our "CONTACTS" page that is up to date or on Google!
  • Are you in El Corte Inglés?
    Our pop-up at El Corte Inglês is back (HOORAY!!!) and we will have our temporary branch next to the São Sebastião metro exit until the end of June. If you want a greater variety of ice creams, donut waffles or enjoy our terrace, visit us at our shop at Rua das Portas de Santo Antão 78!
  • Who manages your social media and website?
    At the moment it's just the two brothers managing both situations, including all the photo and video creation, and for that we sincerely apologize if we are still unable to respond to your message in a timely manner.
  • Do you want to franchise or partner to sell a product?
    Our business is privileged by the fact that it is a family business managed by two brothers with production almost entirely handmade. For this reason, we are not currently looking at franchises or partnerships to resell products. But if you consider your idea pertinent, we will be happy to hear from you. You can send it to us using the contact form on the "CONTACTS" page.
  • I sent you a message but you haven't replied yet!
    At the moment we are just the two brothers managing the social networks, including all the creation of photography and video, in addition to all the management of the stores, creation of flavors, logistics, among other tasks. Therefore, we sincerely apologize if we are still unable to respond to your message in a timely manner.
  • Where can I see your menu?
    We have a selection of permanent flavors, as well as seasonal/special flavors that rotate with the season and special dates. To discover our selection, visit our MENU.
  • Who creates your flavors?
    Darchite is responsible for creating the ice cream flavors, while Jimite is responsible for the donut flavors
  • Which products are vegan?
    Our concept arises precisely because we have become vegan. Therefore, all products in our space, from ice cream to donuts, are 100% vegan. Not only that, but also to ensure that everything is of plant origin, we practically produce all the components of our products from scratch!
  • Do you have gluten free options?
    We wish we had more options but at the moment, all of our donuts contain gluten. However, we do have ice cream available that DOES NOT contain gluten directly. Yes, there may be cross contamination, which will be at your discretion and depending on the severity of your intolerance/allergy. For more details, you can consult our menu where we have allergens available, according to the guidelines for catering.
  • Do your products contain nuts/soy?
    Since we use only 100% plant-based ingredients, we have to resort to alternatives that come from/contain nuts and soy. In this regard, our donuts all contain nuts and soy. However, we do have ice cream available that DOES NOT contain nuts and soy directly. Yes, there may be cross contamination, which will be at your discretion and depending on the severity of your intolerance/allergy. For more details, you can consult our menu where we have allergens available, according to the guidelines for catering.
  • I saw a flavor on social media, but I can't find it :("
    Our menu consists of permanent flavors and other seasonal/special ones. Even the permanent ones can always be temporarily or indefinitely removed from the menu! Whenever we release seasonal donuts, these are seasonal dependent and may also depend on seasonal fruit. In the case of special donuts (e.g. Christmas), these are limited editions and are only available during a specific time period.
  • How can I make a reservation?
    *Due to the high number of calls we receive, we are unable to accommodate all bookings via telephone. Please make your reservation preferably through our website* Bookings ONLY work in advance (with an advance of 2 weeks until the evening of the previous day). For reservations, simply visit our ORDER page and place your order for the time you want and follow the steps indicated. 1. Select the products you want to reserve 2. Click on "SPECIFIC TIME" and a window with a calendar will appear 3. Choose the most convenient/desired day and time to pick up your order (if for delivery, confirm the day we pass through your area) 4. Check your order 5. Finalize your booking with payment
  • Is it possible to request an invoice with NIF?
    Due to limitations of the platform we use, it is not yet possible to add a specific box for the NIF at checkout. However, vouchers are issued in our shop on the day of booking, so if you need a NIF, you can leave it in the remarks/notes of your order!
  • I made a reservation but I can't/I couldn't get up on the day I chose
    Our production is handmade and has a huge level of complexity, and is planned the day before based on several factors, including the orders we have. For this reason, donuts run out as the day goes by and reservations are a tool we created so that everyone can guarantee their choices without having to worry about arriving later. If you have placed a pre-order on our website but are unable to come and pick it up, you can notify us by 9 AM ON THE DAY OF PRE-BOOKING so that we can find another day when you can collect your reservation. We only warn that we are not responsible for producing donuts that have been discontinued in our production. Therefore, for situations in which you forgot to notify us, unfortunately we will not be able to manage it and the order will be considered paid and picked up at the end of the day. You can always rebook with a new order for another day when it's convenient for you to stop by the store.
  • Can you book here on the website and pick up at El Corte Inglês?
    Unfortunately, due to internal guidelines and systems incompatibility, it is not possible to make reservations through the website for pick up at El Corte Inglês. Any reservation that has a note for collection/delivery elsewhere than at our Restauradores store will be cancelled.
  • Is it possible to book without prepayment?
    The only way we can guarantee your reservation is to place orders through the website with prepayment.
  • Is it possible to order for delivery?
    With the lack of definition, it is no longer possible for us to carry out deliveries either in Lisbon or abroad. But we invite you to visit us at our Restauradores store when you're passing through or if there's a pop-up in progress!
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